Two-Seam Fastball

The two-seam fastball has more movement because of the grip and therefore is harder to control than the four-seam fastball. It is one of the better baseball pitching grips, but often one that is never tried. The pitcher should throw the four-seam fastball until he has proven that he has mastered the strike zone. The two-seam fastball becomes more important to the older pitcher who does not have an outstanding arm and must rely more on movement than on speed. The two-seam fastball moves to the pitching-arm side of the plate. Often it will also sink, producing a pitch that tails away and down. 

Place your index and middle fingers directly on top of the ball’s narrow seams. Then place your thumb directly on the bottom side of the ball on the white leather between the narrow seams.
Grip this pitch slightly farther back in the hand, as this will lead the ball to “back up” and change direction. The additional drag created from the grip generates the change in direction. 



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